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Greg Moss Sailing Performance Training fitness coach

Greg Moss

Fitness Coach

education: Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
About Greg

Greg grew up playing recreational sports as a youth while focusing most of his free time on video games and art. He trained in the art field with the initial intention of becoming a classical animator. He was constantly looking at movement and bringing it to life on paper. Greg really caught the movement bug later in his mid 20’s after completing a manual therapy training and began studying and practicing human movement through the lenses of FRCMovNat, calisthenics, parkour, circus, gymnastics, CrossFit and many other movement practices.

Greg provides exceptional coaching, assessment, programming and support for athletes. He has a specialization as a functional range conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms), which means he focuses a lot on assessing athletes current mobility and helping them bridge any gaps between where they currently are and what would be ideal for their ongoing training.

Greg is also a certified professional coach (CPC) from IPEC with advanced graduate certifications in performance, leadership, wellness, and transition. He uses that training to support and develop athletes both in their sport and day-to-day life. As a therapist (RMT) with over a decade of experience working in a clinical setting, I am available to consult with athletes and fellow coaches on any cases in regards to injury, recovery, recommended therapies and rehabilitative exercises.

Greg has a really gentle, kind, loving, 6.5 year-old son, Gavin. Together, they practice acrobatics and calisthenics. Gavin is turning into quite the monkey-bar master!

  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Registered Massage Therapist
  • Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Advanced Joint Mobilizations
  • Thai Yoga Massage – Lv2
  • Rekinetics
  • FRC
  • FR – Upper, Lower, Spinal
  • FRA
  • Kinstretch
  • Circus Training – Various Practices
  • Electrotherapy CrossFit – Lv1 CrossFit – Gymnastics Movnat – Lv2
  • NCCP – Gymnastics coaching Parkour Coaching
  • OmGym – Inversion Yoga Free+StyleConnection
  • GMB – Gymnastics
  • NLP – Neurolinguistics programming – Expert Lv
  • Ultrasound – BodyMatrix