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For the athlete wanting to maximize his or her performance and learning. Elite offers unlimited access to a dedicated strength and conditioning coach and a registered dietician to collaborate on your high performance plan. Leave no stone unturned.

The Ultimate For
Your Success

Dial in your best performance with a team of dedicated coaches on call when you need them. Unlock your potential today!

$275/month, 12-month contract required
Elite program - Sailing Performance Training coaches working with olympic sailing athletes.

How It Works

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Meet your coaches during a one hour video call. During this call your coaches will review your information and establish a plan for completing the initial fitness and nutrition assessments.

Complete the initial fitness assessment (3-6 days). This will include video your fitness coach will review for form.

Have a follow up call with your coaches to finalize your plan and strategy.

Full Program Details

Reserved for the most dedicated athletes

24/7 access to your remote coaches via app, video conference, email, and phone--wherever, whenever

Data driven, individualized programs

Accountability with reports on workout completion and athlete biometrics

Workout plans updated as needed, customized to athlete's goals and schedule

Collaboration with athlete's medical staff and sailing coach to build best program

Monthly video conferences

Access to library of videos/resources for athlete performance and development

Guidance with: athletic development, lifestyle coaching, advanced nutrition, goal setting, and planning