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Team Training

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Do you run or train with a Youth, National, or Professional Sailing Team and want maximize your teams strength and endurance? Good news –  SPT’s Team programs deliver sailing focused strength and conditioning programming that gives your athletes the options of using equipment or body-weight to increase their athletic stamina and ability to excel on the water.  The Team Training program has been specifically create for any traveling Youth, National, or Professional athlete in mind, with specific programming for our developing absolute strength, speed and endurance no matter what the athletes previous training, specific competition goals, or specific positional requirements.  Now we are offering our plans to all types of Sailing Teams with great instruction and video through our BridgeTracker and TrainingPeaks platforms.

Become the strongest
Sailing Team!

SPTs Team Training Plans can be specifically tailored specifically for the Youth, National, and/or Professional Sailing Team looking to increase strength and endurance to performance at their Peak event. If you are a Sailing Team Leader and know that you need to increase your team's strength and endurance, these training plans will ensure you raise your team's game to the next level, while focusing on the long-term athletic health of your athletes.

SPT’s Team Training plans are priced based on your team size.  Please reach out with your interest to learn more and we will follow up with you and your team!