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Medallion gives you individualized program design and progress tracking with affordability in mind. Meet your athletic and sailing needs with this robust and remote program. Medallion is ideal for beginning to intermediate athletes and will prepare you for high level athleticism.

Affordable Programming

Medallion is intended for all ages and sailing classes, and will improve your sailing results, reduce your injury risk, and prepare you for higher level sailing performance.

$75/month, 4-month contract required

How It Works

COMplete initial fitness test

Complete the test and upload all videos in the app. Testing can be done at your own pace and will be appropriate and safe.

Start Training

Your coach will build your programming based on testing results, schedule, and goals. This program is specifically built for you to complete at your own pace.

Engage with your coach

Your journey, like your programming, is unique, which is why you will have a dedicated coach to adapt programming to your needs.