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High Performance Nutrition

Get the information you need to fuel your body for success. Our registered dietitian will guide you through our inshore or offshore playbooks for building better habits, simplifying the world of nutrition, and building a customized plan for you. This is for the athlete that wants practical, effective advice or who requires detailed planning to match his or her unique needs.

Customized Nutrition Planning

For all athletes looking to unlock the power that comes with better nutritional literacy and planning. Get the resources and playbooks you need for your next regatta or offshore race.

$125/month, 4-month contract required

How It Works

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Complete the initial nutrition assessment and food logs.

Meet your coach during a one hour video call. During this call your coaches will review your information and begin discussing your plan and strategy.

Full Program Details

For the athlete wanting more dedicated guidance in nutrition and professional athleticism.

Access to a remote coach via App/Email/Phone during business hours.

Access to a library of resources for athlete performance and development.

Guidance with: athlete development, lifestyle coaching, goal setting and planning, advanced nutrition.