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Sailing Performance Training coaches work with olympic sailing athletes

About SPT

In the last decade, the sport of sailing has changed: high performance classes now require sailors to be high functioning athletes. At SPT, we believe that better fitness coaching will lead to healthier, more competitive sailing athletes. SPT’s commitment is to continually share its passion and knowledge to ensure that athletes have the best resources and experience possible in their pursuit of fitness and performance.

Software and training built to withstand the most rigorous travel schedules.

Knowledgeable about sailing and certified experts to fast track your success.

Optimized to help you through: injuries, medical conditions, age, and ability.

Access to the most robust and elite software and apps on the planet.

What we do

Create a customized workout program that is optimized for your fitness and performance goals.

Continuously monitor and check-in with athletes to adapt programming as needed.

Provide athletes with access to the most advanced fitness apps and technology to track performance with data.

Create a personalized nutrition plan for inshore or offshore racing.


To inspire, empower, and enable sailing athletes to reach their highest potential through fitness.

Core Values

Genuine excellence begins with personal commitment and discipline to the journey.

We dare to dream big and commit to a superior strategy with meticulous improvement.

Enable sailing athletes to reach their highest potential through fitness.

True strength of a team is a product of clear-minded and modest leadership.

Longevity in sport requires persistent commitment through fitness to achieve mastery.

SPT History

40+ years of international sailing racing experience

20+ years of high level sailing coaching

One dream to provide a better sport experience

Since joining SPT, competitively I have qualified for Gold Fleet in the Resolute Cup, finished 2nd at the Melges 32 Nationals, and won the Melges 32 World Championship!

Drew Weirda Sailing Athlete and World Champion

Sailing Performance Training works around my schedule and finds unique workouts for me to do based on my location that week.

John Wallace Professional Sailor

What I like most about the programming is how tailored it is to the boat or class you are sailing in and to your needs.

Carlos Robles 49er Athlete and Professional Sailor

I trust the SPT program and have been extremely satisfied with the product they provide. SPT allows me to wake up in the morning, see my training for the day, and execute.

Luke Muller 2021 U.S. Olympian Finn Class

I am at an age where I just want to be fit and healthy. Our bodies are our responsibility! So start caring for your body and it will care for you. Eat clean and workout hard.

Sara Hastreiter Volvo Ocean Race Veteran and Adventure Athlete

Meet our
coaching staff

Head Fitness Coach
Mike Kuschner is head fitness coach and co-founder of Sailing Performance Training - SPT. Working with sailors looking to achieve peak performance.
Head Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach
Greg Moss Sailing Performance Training fitness coach
Fitness Coach
Nutrition Coach
Sailing Performance Training Dietitian and nutritionist Hannah Feinberg
Nutrition Coach
Athlete Coordinator
Sailing Performance head training coach and SPT founder Fred Strammer
Athlete Coordinator

Take Charge Of Your Performance

SPT brings you the latest fitness, nutrition, and mental health education to help you excel on the water.