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Yannick Lefebvre

Fitness Coach

education: Masters in Physical Education
About Yannick

Yannick is a veteran sailing athlete that has actively been campaigning for the Belgium Olympic 49er bid over the last 12 years. Yannick is a passionate sailor that focuses on process of progression and achieving goals through teamwork.

Using his academic background in sport management and physical education, intense teamwork and Olympic training experience, Yannick is eager to contribute to the quests of other sailors, persons and teams and face their next challenge together.

The Olympic experience for Yannick has not only been about being able to represent Belgium at the Games, but even more important, the more inglorious parts, learning to fail and get right back up.  After these moments Yannick believes you have to learn to master the resilience to be able to bounce back as a team and as an individual. That is the athlete experience!

  • University of Brussels: Masters in Physical Education
  • University of Brussels: ExpertClass in Sports Management
  • SafeSport